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Groupe Dijon is an
eco-friendly company

Specialty Cleaning :

Groupe Dijon offers the latest techniques and technologies of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional specialty cleaning. Our professionals will advise you on the best cleaning methods for your entire home, your business or commercial building.

For fast, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly cleaning jobs, you can count on our team of professionals.

Odour removal :

Malodours are often a source of headaches and require special attention. Our technicians use the latest equipment and high performance products to eliminate the most stubborn odours. Whether it’s smoke, skunk, oil or other types of odours, Groupe Dijon guarantees that we will leave your environment in a healthy and pleasant-smelling condition following our intervention.

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Dry Ice Blasting :

Among the cleaning techniques available from Groupe Dijon, dry ice blasting is one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly. Dry ice blasting is a technique that uses dry ice at -78.5 ° C as a cleaning agent. Dry ice blasting is the best solution for industrial cleaning. The impact of dry ice pellets and extreme temperatures act as a powerful spray that pulverizes the dirt, then it’s just a question of effortlessly removing the particles. This technique offers significant benefits, for example:

  • Produces minimal debris, unlike sandblasting
  • Requires no chemical products
  • It’s a dry, non-abrasive process.

Types of applications:

Our skilled technicians were specifically trained in dry ice blasting applications.

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High and Low Pressure Washing :

High and low pressure washing is a technique that uses water and specific products to clean a variety of surfaces. The balance between water temperature, appropriate pressure and specific cleansers ensures efficient, environmentally friendly and safe cleaning results.

Applications & Scope:

  • Cleaning of exterior siding
  • Structural cleaning
  • Driveway and pavement cleaning
  • Removal of graffiti

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For high quality, professional cleaning, you can count on Groupe Dijon’s expertise.

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Death Scene Cleanup :

Groupe Dijon offers death scene cleanup services. Our skilled technicians will clean and disinfect the affected areas in a respectful and professional manner, to reduce any contamination hazard caused by odours.

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