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Air Quality :

The quality of the air is a priority for any home, business or office building environment. Contamination can be hazardous to your health since it’s the air that you have to breathe every day.

It’s been widely shown that contaminants such as radon, asbestos, lead and formaldehyde, as well as mold, can cause adverse effect on your health and the quality of the air in the environment.

When it comes to ensuring optimal air quality, Groupe Dijon offers a variety of services such as air quality analysis, decontamination, remediation, reconstruction and content cleaning to ensure you breathe easily.

This comprehensive management process is designed to provide you with the fastest, most effective and seamless response.

Analysis and treatement of air quality :

The only way to ensure the environmental health of your home or business is to get an in-depth analysis of the air quality.

Our skilled professionals use the latest techniques for detecting contaminants and performing a conscientious and thorough assessment of your premises. The results of the analysis are presented in a detailed report, which identifies whether contaminants are present in the affected areas.

Are you planning to buy a house or a commercial building? Take advantage of our air quality analysis services to avoid unpleasant surprises and help you make an enlightened choice. Our report can also be used to reassure a potential buyer when you sell your property.

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Stripping and Decontamination :

Following the air quality assessment, Groupe Dijon can start the process of stripping down and decontaminating the structure, according to the recommended protocol. Groupe Dijon’s qualified technicians can remove and discard all the affected materials and contaminants, according to the most stringent standards.

Clearance testing of the air quality is then performed to assess the air quality and confirm whether or not the environment is acceptable and sanitary.

Decontaminating a house or commercial building is serious business and should be done by professionals only. Don’t take any chances! Let the professionals at Groupe Dijon take care of your environment.

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Reconstruction :

Groupe Dijon offers full service residential, commercial, industrial and institutional renovation services. Our teams of professionals have all the necessary skills and trade accreditation to carry out the highest quality renovation work. Our teams work together to coordinate the work in order to complete the project in the least time possible.

Our services include detailed cost estimates, carpentry, electricity, plumbing, heating, plastering, painting, interior and exterior finishing, roofing, etc.

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Content Processing :

When contaminants are present in the air, it also affects fabrics, clothing, furniture and carpets. Because contaminated particles may have settled on every surface in your home, it’s important to act quickly to prevent these particles from further contaminating the environment.

Our professional content processing teams use the latest techniques to clean and restore all your belongings. Our processing methods depend on the type of objects to clean, as well as age and the extent of the damage.

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